Full-Stack Observability & User Experience

In a world of interconnected systems where one application may have multiple dependencies, one small problem could cause a ripple effect, resulting in a relationship-ending impact on the end-user. The erosion of the end-users trust in the organization and its technology is a critical issue that all data-driven organizations should prioritize.

Put the End-User First

When comparing mature FSO implementations with traditional monitoring setups, traditional monitoring only addresses a small group of end-users and limited technology domains. Outdated practices make it extremely difficult to identify issues and how they are caused before impacting your end-user and their digital experience.

End-users have become accustomed to having high-performance applications always available at their fingertips. Full-Stack Observability allows organizations to track users throughout the delivery of the digital experience from database and infrastructure to network and application to ensure a seamless experience. Should a problem occur, FSO helps your team identify the problem quickly to remedy it before it impacts the end-user.

At Xigent, we consider the end-user more than a customer using a custom application. For example, the end-user experience could also be an employee using an ERP system. FSO makes the end-user the focal point and helps you exceed their digital experience demands, optimizing business outcomes and profitability.

Enhance the User Experience

Visualize & monitor every user interaction and all activity across your entire application

See how changes will directly impact the user before deployment with real-time insights into end user performance

Identify and observe potential application issues before they impact the end-user

Understand device performance with IoT monitoring

Monitor integration points with API transaction monitoring

Achieve Full Visibility Across Your Entire IT Stack

Many Organizations are not aware of how to take the first steps toward Full-Stack Observability. Xigent will guide you to determine the right technology solutions to increase business outcomes and cost efficiencies with Full-Stack Observability.

Contact us today to discover how to take the first steps on your path to Full-Stack Observability.

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