Xigent Acquires JMFerron Technologies

“Over the past few years, we’ve been impressed with the quality of services that JMFerron has offered as an application performance and cloud expert to select Xigent clients. We are looking forward to making this expertise more widely available to all organizations who need it. We are so pleased to be able to strengthen our service portfolio to better serve our clients.”

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Maximize your application performance management tools

Your business relies on customer experience—which means your applications in the cloud have to work. Get the most out of your digital investments with managed services that let you truly integrate your application data for a strategic overview of your system.

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Monitor, analyze, and improve for better business results

Do more than just pull reports. IT consultants who take the time to understand your business objectives can help you collect and dig into the right application data to drive your strategy and meet your goals. Xigent helps you monitor your application environment and analyze the metrics that ensure your cloud environment performs to expectations.

Identify problems before they impact your business

Even the best application monitoring tools take time and experience to use them effectively: monitoring, reporting, and escalating the right problems to the right team. Xigent has expertise in Azure and Amazon web services, and Kubernetes, giving you transparency into your system without taxing your IT staff.

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Xigent acquires JMFerron Technologies

Xigent to serve clients better by expanding cloud offerings with the acquisition of JMFerron, a Minneapolis application performance management specialty company

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