Our Story

In an ever-evolving technical landscape, business and IT success are intertwined. Xigent was formed in 2009 out of the notion that commonly underserved mid-market organizations could see more value from IT investments when activity is driven by desired business results.

Who is Xigent?

Xigent is an IT services firm and IT managed services partner for mid-market and enterprise-level organizations who are embarking on an IT improvement journey to achieve business goals via a Result Driven IT approach. Xigent specializes in managed services, consulting services, data protection, and technology solutions, with offices located in Minneapolis, MN, and Sioux Falls, SD.

Passion for Driving IT and Business Results

We see every engagement as an opportunity to maximize your return, optimize your performance and reduce your risk with valuable and timely IT consulting. We love taking on IT challenges and turning them into success stories for your business.

Since business solutions that shift staff time from react and maintain activities to proactive improvement initiatives are never cookie cutter, our team of IT consultants take the time to understand your unique business needs and goals. We pair the expertise of certified technology experts with business savvy professionals to take a holistic approach at finding right-fit technology and IT capabilities for your organization—and your budget.

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Our Name

Xigent is pronounced exactly the same as the word exigent, from which it was derived. Our Founder and CEO, Hugh Voigt, carefully chose our name to represent the high quality of care we take when engaging with each of our valued clients—regardless of size.

Xigent name

1. requiring immediate action or aid; urgent; pressing.

2. requiring a great deal; demanding; exacting.

Sustained Focus on Relationships and Long-term Improvement

Our long-term focus on client relationships exemplifies our commitment to building relationships on a foundation of trust, transparency, accountability and continuous improvement. We offer IT consulting and services to alleviate overburdened staff from day-to-day maintenance and support activities so you can see immediate improvement, but long-term results.

"Xigent developed a three-year strategic plan that answered our initial questions but has also given us an actionable roadmap to achieve the IT outcomes needed to support our organization’s plans for growth."

- Bank Board Member

"One of the greatest challenges organizations face is getting and maintaining alignment around objectives and outcomes. When your car is in alignment the ride is smooth; when it is not, the ride is rough. The same is true for organizations."

Hugh Voigt, CEO