Full-Stack Observability

Xigent Full-Stack Observability (FSO) is a way to a more strategic approach by observing and providing visibility into your business across all supporting segments including cloud deployments, microservices, network, applications, storage, databases, and infrastructure. It will save your organization time, energy and money.

Go Beyond Traditional System and Application Monitoring With Full-Stack Observability

To survive in today’s digital space, organizations continually add and refine complex IT infrastructures to deliver their own unique user experience. From custom applications running in the cloud to on-premises legacy systems, organizations often find themselves managing diverse interwoven systems to deliver their experience. Traditional monitoring of these systems falls short because of the variety of tools needed for the individual systems, creating silos and visibility gaps between the systems. This is where robust Full-Stack Observability monitoring solutions come in to fill gaps.

Traditional Monitoring

While traditional monitoring is valuable, it focuses on specific data that creates limitations and silos. No single team has the overall picture. Like the fable of the Blind Men and the Elephant, the elephant has all the features each man described based on their limited experience of the part they came in contact with and not the elephant in true form.

Full-Stack Observability 

Assess the state of systems by inspecting the individual system outputs and analyzing applications and systems, including end-user experience, server-side metrics, and log files. This comprehensive view offers insight into service delivery, system dependencies, predictability, and cross-domain data correlation. Full-Stack Observability strategy makes it possible for all teams to have the same visibility by identifying the most critical MELT data through tool optimization to identify issues quickly for faster resolution.

IT and business leadership teams are learning quickly that their technology architecture encompassing applications and supporting network, compute, and cloud infrastructure has become the foundation for increased revenue, employee and customer success, and competitive advantage. It has evolved into their business architecture, allowing businesses to focus on their end-user and business partner models, increase innovation, boost employee proficiency, and improve the digital experience for all users inside and outside of the organization.


MELT Methodology

Full-Stack Observability (FSO) analyzes the four MELT (Metrics, Events, Logs, and Traces) segments to uncover insights into your technology stack’s performance. While Open Telemetry (OTEL) is very new, we have worked for decades with MELT. We can show you how to incorporate these metrics to optimize your Full Stack Observability.

Four primary groups of metrics provide the ability to monitor and observe your system’s performance. MELT comes from everywhere in your digital landscape. We can show you how to optimize this information by removing the data silos and providing you with good data to help you make sound business decisions. Your investment in the evolving journey of educating your people, improving your process, and optimizing your technology will be rewarding, and our experts will be there every step of the way to help guide you, providing a seamless experience to achieve visibility to your most critical data that will impact your business outcomes and bottom line.

    1. Metrics provide time-based numerical measurements on elements of the application ecosystems. For instance, there are an average of 255 transactions per second. (APP)
    2. Events track individual actions, producing a time-stamped inventory of data related to operations that the user defines. (APP and INFRA)
    3. Logging collects application-generated structured or unstructured text added to help troubleshoot. There is much debate about the effectiveness of log data in a microservices context, as it is challenging to scale and often considered overly expensive.
    4. Traces provide an understanding of how requests flow through the system. This can be used to understand interacting parts and their behaviors. (NETWORK)

Xigent will meet you where you are and help you take the next step in your observability journey with DevOps and cloud computing in a vendor-agnostic environment. Regardless of your current application and infrastructure tools, we can help you evolve and continuously drive profitability for your organization. With our expert approach to achieving observability benefits, we can show you how to be ‘backward’ compatible as you continue to grow and adopt Full Stack Observability. Your business will increase margins when you are able to prioritize decisions impacting your business outcomes from the visibility of Full-Stack Observability.

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Unite Your IT & Business Teams with Full-Stack Observability

A Full-Stack Observability strategy makes it possible for all teams, from developers to infrastructure and networking, and even business leaders, to have the same visibility and truly contextualize IT performance with real-time business data.

By relating IT issues to business outcomes like customer experience, sales transactions, and revenue, businesses can prioritize their decisions and actions according to what matters the most.

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Put the End-User First

Full-Stack Observability has a positive impact on businesses and the end-user experience inside or outside of your organization. With end-users becoming accustomed to a fast and flawless digital experience, a seamless user experience is more critical than ever. Whether your end-user is a customer using a custom application or an employee using an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Full-Stack Observability (FSO) makes the end-user the focal point and helps you exceed their digital experience demands. Serve customers, empower employees, and run your systems smoothly with Full-Stack Observability!

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Application Performance Monitoring Provides Visibility Across Your Entire Application

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) brings visibility to your application, and also provides insights into what normal performance looks like and will notify you when deviations occur. APM also allows a deep dive into the root cause of performance issues by drilling down through the execution order revealing the exact line of code that is causing the problem. We are the experts to help you bring this data to life to resolve application issues quickly.

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See How Networks Impact Your Digital Experience

The digital experience as it relates to the internet has vast and intricate dependencies making outage detection and identifying performance issues very cumbersome.

Xigent’s Full-Stack Observability experts and tools provide further insights into areas of the network that we have never been able to see before that are impacting the digital experience for the end user. This visibility across the internet and in the cloud improves the digital experiences wherever your users are in the digital space.

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Optimize Your Infrastructure

Implementing Full-Stack Observability allows organizations to link application performance to their underlying infrastructure and bring visibility to how infrastructure impacts overall business outcomes.

Having a deeper understanding of infrastructure allows for the identification of possible constraints and helps match infrastructure to application demand.

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Xigent Full-Stack Observability Experts Provide Resolution

Our Full-Stack Observability experts provide direction and support to our clients allowing them to leverage FSO to reach the business outcomes they desire. Xigent’s Full-Stack Observability strategy, expertise, and tools provide quick resolution and reduce the effort on the client’s end so they can focus on innovation.

Xigent’s goal is a successful client engagement leveraging essential stakeholder collaboration and trust in the adoption of Full-Stack Observability platform allows for optimized guaranteed benefits to the overall business.

Contact us today to discover how to take the first steps on your path to Full-Stack Observability.

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Components of Full-Stack Observability

Business Outcomes

Unite Your IT & Business Teams
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User Experience

Put the End-User First

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Visibility Across Your Entire Application

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See How Networks Impact Your Digital Experience

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Optimize Your Infrastructure

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