Meet Xigent’s FSO Expert: Ed Ferron

By Michael Kedik, Xigent VP Offering Management

Xigent’s Full-Stack Observability Blog Series (Part 1 of 6)

Whether it’s tracking a package to your front door, monitoring how many steps you got in today, or getting a notification the moment someone opens your email, digital monitoring is everywhere.

In a world of interconnected systems where one application may be dependent on multiple systems, one problem could cause a ripple effect that trickles down and impacts the end-user. One small bump in the digital journey could potentially erode the end user’s trust in the organization and the technology that supports it.

Organizations using digital monitoring need 24x7x365 insight into their applications. Whether you are a restaurant with a delivery monitoring application that tracks customer orders from entry to delivery, if your mobile app glitches on the end-user side, that very likely will equate to lost business. Whereas, if a tool exists that identifies an issue exists (and oftentimes can be fixed once identified) before your end-users have a chance to experience that issue, you will continue to win your mobile customers’ business.

Or, if you are a business that manufactures parts for a major medical device reseller and your monitoring systems don’t flag a component in the production line that went down. Your entire assembly process comes to halt until the issue is identified, which could mean hundreds, thousands or millions of dollars in lost revenue depending on the time it takes to find and fix the issue. How would this scenario change if there is a tool running that can pinpoint the precise point at which the production line broke down, saving countless hours of troubleshooting?

This is where Full-Stack Observability (FSO) comes into play.

FSO lets you see it all, top to bottom, from end-user experience to infrastructure health. It also helps you understand how everything is connected — including all the relationships and interdependencies between any layers, components, or pieces of code. These capabilities can help your business digitally transform faster, easier, and smarter — even as cloud complexity increases.

The Xigent product team recently sat down with Ed Ferron, Director of Applications at Xigent, and spoke with Ferron about his expertise and why he chose to join Xigent. “I’ve had a long career in the Full-Stack Observability space, including working for a global application performance monitoring company, in addition to starting my own company for several years before joining teams with Xigent” states Ferron. “For me, it really was an easy decision. When wanting to grow the Full-Stack Observability practice, I needed a team that understood all the tenants of FSO, including security networking areas, where I didn’t have that coverage by myself. Bringing together the APM practice helped round out the entire portfolio. That, combined with a great culture, made Xigent an easy decision.”

According to Ferron, what makes Xigent’s approach to FSO so impactful is that “we really bring together all of the attributes of Full-Stack Observability, deep-dive expertise in security, networking, and application development.”

Ferron has been helping solve Application Performance Management (APM) challenges for over 20 years, and in the past few years has added Full-Stack Observability to his arsenal of expertise. A drastic increase in companies needing FSO has occurred, hence Ferron is excited to help companies experience an uptick in process monitoring effectiveness and less downtime for emergencies and unknowns. Having vast experience consulting with companies ranging from a top 10 credit card company to help drive collaboration across departments while also reducing the dreaded cross-department finger-pointing if an issue arises, to major manufacturing companies who simply cannot afford downtime, the utilization of FSO to pinpoint issues within seconds of occurring is an absolute revenue saver.

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