Focus on Your Business with Managed IT Services

Why waste internal resources on IT activities that aren’t unique to your business? Your IT staff has years of experience and skillsets that prove invaluable when put toward application and user support. Free up your IT pros to focus on differentiating activities that produce true business outcomes and let us manage your day-to-day infrastructure operations, IT planning, and data protection.

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Protect Your Data and your Business with Backup and Disaster Recovery

Can you afford downtime? Don’t make the costly mistake of assuming your critical data and systems are protected, or that backup alone is enough to protect your business in an incident. Our wide range of backup and disaster recovery capabilities take the headache away by storing your data securely offsite, managing a plan to seamlessly recover data and systems, and regularly testing it all so it works every time.

Data Protection Services

Let Xigent take the Stress off Your IT Team

IT staff spend more than 90% of their time reacting to problems or maintaining existing systems and applications. Investing less than 10% of time on improvement activities is not nearly enough to maintain a competitive edge. Give your team time back to work on activities aligned to business goals and improvements with a range of managed infrastructure, network, and cybersecurity services.

Infrastructure Services

Enhance your team with talented leadership skills as you need them

Need help with IT outcome improvement planning, cloud strategy development, project management, business analysis, or IT plan execution? Xigent offers on-demand access to experienced, best-in-industry talent. Our team of experts are equipped with the methodology and processes to get you the help you need right away with the results you want to see—the first time around.

IT Leadership Services

Don’t let your tech support crisis slow your IT growth

Managing and maintaining a healthy, productive, and secure IT environment takes a lot of time and effort. Is your IT staff too busy putting out fires or maintaining status quo to improve IT operations and help secure and grow the business? Our technology support services free your team for higher value activities while ensuring you meet and exceed performance and service levels.

IT Support Services

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