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As your vendor-agnostic IT consultant, we partner with leading storage and compute technology vendors so we can help you buy right-fit technology for your organization—not sell to you based on bias. Ready to start seeing results?

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Easily adapt to changing storage requirements

With an ever-increasing store of data and increased demand for usage, speed and efficiency, your organization needs storage infrastructure that can adapt as your needs change. Get leading data management technology so you can quickly change storage across flash, disk, and cloud for optimal performance and cost.

Modernize your data center with software-defined compute

Take the first step toward a software-defined data so you can do more with less. With virtualization, organizations are seeing higher asset utilization, rapid application deployment, and increased scalability. Let us help you find the right compute solution to help your organization see improved results through IT.

Is your data at risk due to poor data center service?

57% of data breaches are attributed to poor patch management and 74% of companies can’t patch fast enough because they don’t have enough staff. Sound familiar? We can help. Leverage certified NetApp, ICS, PureStorage, network, and VMware resources so you can refocus staff on high-value activities.

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Xigent’s Modernized Data Center Driven by Cisco’s Latest Technologies

Learn how a modular and scalable computing infrastructure, fine-tuned for the demands of a hybrid cloud environment, provides a platform for innovation and fuels Xigent’s business growth.

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