Microsoft 365 Backup as a Service (M365BaaS)

Microsoft operates on a shared responsibility model. Meaning, Microsoft takes responsibility for the infrastructure to run your applications, but leaves the backup and recoverability of data to your organization.

Is M365 in Your Data Protection Strategy?

As organizations move to online Microsoft 365 (M365) applications, IT support teams are being forced to re-examine their data retention and protection strategies. While M365 includes native and add-on data protection solutions for end-user convenience, Microsoft does not deliver the enterprise-grade capabilities organizations need to meet all of their compliance goals—specifically recovery from ransomware and malicious or accidental data deletion.

The Myth – Doesn’t Microsoft Already Back Up My M365 Data?

When Microsoft moved their applications to the cloud, many Microsoft M365 users made the grave mistake of assuming that Microsoft will automatically take care of retaining and backing up their organization’s application data indefinitely.

The reality is, M365 operates on a shared responsibility model, meaning Microsoft only takes responsibility for ensuring their own infrastructure is protected and available to run your applications. Microsoft shares—or leaves—the responsibilty up to your IT staff to protect your data, retain your data and be prepared to recover your data in a timely manner at all times. This includes creating data policies that meet your industry and organizational compliance standards and putting backup options in place in case data is compromised, accidentally deleted or maliciously attacked.

Now that we’ve established what Microsoft’s shared responsibility model is, let’s take a closer look at Microsoft’s data retention policies to see how well they align with your organization’s data retention policies, compliance goals and business objectives.

Back Up these Applications With M365BaaS:

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Microsoft 365 Data Retention Policies

M365 Data Retention Policies Chart

Fully Managed Backup and Recovery for M365 Data

Whether or not you’re in a highly regulated industry, Microsoft 365 data is subject to user error, cyberattacks, and
data breaches—all requiring protection from data loss. Xigent’s M365 Backup as a Service (M365BaaS) provides a fully managed, comprehensive backup and recovery service for the Microsoft 365 Suite. We bring speed, security, and efficiency to data protection and support for M365, Exchange, SharePoint, Teams Sites, and OneDrive, so you never have to wonder if your organization’s M365 application data is at risk.

We take extra care to ensure all your Microsoft 365 user data stored is backed up and retained according to your policies and requirements. If you’re unsure what your data retention policies are or should be, we’ll work with you during onboarding to identify and document your objectives, ensuring your M365BaaS solution is perfectly tailored for your organization. All your data is encrypted in flight and at rest in an SSAE18 SOC II Type 2 data center. Additionally, we offer a self-service portal where authorized users you can initiate a Microsoft 365 restore at any time.

As with all our managed services, we take pride in offering quality service that takes the pressure off your IT staff so they can focus on key IT improvement initiatives. Our M365BaaS includes all the resources you need to gain complete confidence in your backup solution, including a Client Success Manager to act as your main point of contact for the duration of your service, along with 24x7x365 monitoring.

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With fully managed data backup services, your IT staff can shift away from day-to-day IT tasks and refocus on higher strategic priorities that drive revenue.



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