SecurPath is an information security leadership and management service that provides expert skills such as virtual CISO offerings (vCISO), processes, and supporting technologies to build and maintain a trustworthy cybersecurity capability to achieve your organization’s risk management goals.

SecurPath Drives a Comprehensive Security Program Capability for Your Organization

Achieving improved information security goals isn’t about hiring a qualified security program leader alone. Outcomes and goals are performed efficiently and in the most cost-effective manner when a complete capability is implemented, including a proven process and supporting technology to go along with program leadership. SecurPath includes all the necessary components required to reach your information security goals.

The benefits of SecurPath include reduced vulnerabilities, compliance audits, and improved cyber risk management. The costs of business operation disruptions, lost or stolen data, missing customer or partner contracts or damaged brand reputation can often be irreversible. Cybersecurity risks have compounded in recent years as the threat landscape has expanded. As a result, the need for improved information security, as well as offerings like SecurPath, has increased.

Building an effective cybersecurity program is challenging. It starts with staffing the myriad of skills/roles required to design, build, and manage a quality information security initiative. These resources are scarce, expensive, and are often only needed on a fractional basis. The second challenge is developing and executing a process to drive security improvement and remain vigilant over time as the threat landscape and business change. Lastly, the supporting security technology infrastructure and non-technical program components must be designed and implemented to maximize outcomes while minimizing cost.

Components of SecurPath

Access a Full Team of Cybersecurity Experts

With Xigent’s SecurPath offering, you receive a highly skilled information security team that works toward your business goals. The team is led by an experienced security expert (vCISO). The vCISO will bring in other expert resources to perform their specialized functions, resulting in the best outcomes in the most cost-effective manner.

Leverage SecurPath’s Security Improvement Methodology

Xigent’s SecurPath deploys a proven methodology to deliver security improvement to your goals. The framework is shown in the following diagram:

By cycling through the stages of SecurPath, an organization will establish a quantified information security goal, assess current program status with vulnerabilities, develop a remediation roadmap, and execute high-performing activities having the most significant impact on security improvement. The objective is to drive security improvement to the organizational goal over time in the fastest and most economical manner possible.

Start Your SecurPath Journey Today

Access a skilled and multi-faceted information security leader that is available on a fractional basis with SecurPath.


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