SecurPath vCISO

SecurPath is a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) service that provides comprehensive cybersecurity risk management capabilities. These include resources like expert recommendations, security programming, methodology enhancement, technical infrastructure guidance, and additional attributes focused on achieving your security goals.

SecurPath vCISO Helps Build a Comprehensive Security Program Capability for Your Organization

The benefits of a SecurPath vCISO help secure your business data and brand reputation. The costs of downtime, corrupt or missing data, lost productivity, lost revenue, and damaged brand reputation can be crippling to organizations with poor cybersecurity risk management. These risks have compounded in recent years as the threat landscape has expanded. As a result, the need for improved vCISO programs has grown.

Building an effective cybersecurity framework is challenging. It starts with staffing the myriad of skills/roles required to design, build, and manage a quality information security program. These resources are scarce, expensive, and are often only needed on a fractional basis. The second challenge is building and executing a process to drive security improvement and remain vigilant over time as the threat landscape and business change. Lastly, the supporting security technology infrastructure and non-technical program components must be designed and implemented to maximize outcomes while minimizing cost.

Benefits of SecurPath vCISO

Access a Full Team of Cybersecurity Experts

With Xigent’s SecurPath vCISO, you receive a highly skilled information security team that works toward your business goals. The process starts with the assigned security expert leading the security program initiative, bringing in other resources to perform their specialized functions leading to the best outcomes in the most cost-effective manner.

Leverage SecurPath’s Security Improvement Methodology

Xigent’s SecurPath vCISO service organizes the activities within your cybersecurity framework by:

  1. Establishing your security goals
  2. Assess current security capabilities
  3. Develop a cybersecurity roadmap
  4. Implement remediation actions
  5. Evolve the program over time as needed

Address the Full Spectrum of Information Security Fundamentals

An information security program is only as strong as its weakest link. Xigent’s SecurPath vCISO service identifies areas of improvement with:

  1. Annual enterprise risk assessments
  2. Security policy, process, and procedure development
  3. Development of a cybersecurity roadmap
  4. Planning for future technology and resource needs

Program Highlights

Identify information security goals & objectives

Understand your current cybersecurity environment

Determine vulnerabilities in existing information security capabilities

Create a cybersecurity roadmap to address all issues

Measure program results over time

Provide direction to technical resources who carry out the plan

Evolve your information security program over time

A Proven vCISO Methodology that Delivers Information Security Assurance

Discover: Get a Clear Picture

Xigent’s SecurPath vCISO service performs comprehensive information security and security risk assessments that analyze:

  1. Administrative Controls: policies, awareness training, guidelines, standards, and procedures
  2. Physical Controls: doors, locks, camera surveillance, and alarm systems
  3. Internal Technical Controls: firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, anti-virus software, and mobile device management
  4. External Technical Controls: search engine indexes, social media, DNS, port scanning, and vulnerability scanning

Plan: Develop a Roadmap for Security Improvement

A plan will be developed based on the information security risk assessment results to address the most critical vulnerabilities and gaps within your IT infrastructure. This includes:

  1. Review of the gap analysis
  2. Prioritization of remediation items
  3. Roadmap outline
  4. Development of a 12-month plan

Execute: Direct Remediation, Measure Results, Evolve Over Time

The most important part of the process is the effective execution of the documented plan. Which conducts:

  1. Task and project oversight
  2. Quarterly updates designed for security stakeholders
  3. Annual policy and program review
  4. Annual security and security risk assessments
  5. Annual incident response exercise
  6. Compliance and audit support

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Access a skilled and multi-faceted information security leader that is available on a fractional basis with SecurPath.


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