IT can make or break the success of your business

Over 90% of IT resources are spent reacting to problems and maintaining existing applications and systems. Sound familiar? If so, that means you’re leaving money and opportunity on the table. At Xigent, we help organizations shift focus to higher value work so you reap the full reward of your IT investment.

Choose the talent model that makes sense for your company

Finding IT leaders with business acumen and technology savvy is both daunting and expensive. Xigent offers highly skilled IT leadership talent on a fractional basis. Contract a tested leader who can put business and industry knowledge, experience, and a proven framework to work for you. Without having to justify the cost of a full time executive, you get top talent and the benefit of Xigent’s Result Driven IT methodology.

Result Driven IT

Check Out our Managed IT Leadership Services

Virtual IT Planning & Execution (vPlanner)

Highly trained consultants with business analyst, IT planning, project management, and execution skills work alongside your overburdened IT leadership to spearhead key improvement activities

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SecurPath: Xigent's vCISO Service

Access to a certified vCISO & a team of information security experts to lead your security journey

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