Virtual IT Planning & Execution (vPlanner)

Organizations see more value from IT investments when they have a uniquely tailored, detailed and up-to-date roadmap. If you don’t have one, considering partnering with a trusted advisor to help your IT leader identify business goals and develop a roadmap to achieve them

Are you stuck in reaction mode?

84% of IT departments claim their IT strategies are less than adequate. When you don’t have a business-aligned IT plan, your team ends up spinning its wheels, responding to problems, and perpetually staying in a mode of maintenance. IT Planning & Execution services give you the tools you need to rethink your approach, so you can shift into improvement mode where IT delivers greater value to the business.

No paralysis by analysis planning

Get help assessing the current state of IT and identify the gaps between what you’re doing now and what your business needs for the future. IT Planning & Execution services help you keep that momentum going, developing and executing plans that drive business outcomes and improvements.

IT Maturity Assessment

Great plans are good, but getting there is better

In our experience, planning is the easy part. Effective execution of the plan is the challenge for most organizations. Xigent’s veteran leaders not only plan, but deliver by guiding the execution of your roadmap, measuring the results and adjusting the plans as necessary. Our IT Planning & Execution service is backed by Xigent’s team of highly skilled resources and incorporates our Result Driven IT methodology to ensure outcome improvement for your organization.

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