Backup as a Service (BaaS)

With Xigent’s Backup as a Service, organizations can quickly scale their Backup storage, connectivity, and backup services to support evolving business and data security requirements. 

Xigent storage and backup experts offer administrative support to and handle the unique requirements for data backup, security systems, compliance requirements, and all hardware associated with the BaaS solution eliminating the need for daily monitoring and interaction by an organization’s internal IT staff.

Is Backup as a Service in Your Data Security Strategy?

The reliance on and importance of data is increasing exponentially year over year. Data security and retention are paramount to business success. Ransomware threats have evolved and are now targeting your backups, and in many cases, your backups are your last line of defense against these types of malicious attacks or insider threats. Protect your evolving business-critical data with Xigent’s Backup as a Service. Our engineers will help you leverage data backup and security, modernize your data management and protect your data from the worst threats. We ensure you can restore your data quickly, whatever your business needs.

What are the Benefits of Xigent’s Backup as a Service (BaaS)?

Xigent’s Backup as a Service is designed to support businesses in protecting critical data from internal and external threats and will aid in modernizing your backup strategy. A fully managed solution configured, administered, monitored, and supported by Xigent’s Service Delivery team. Restores can be performed on-demand via service requests by the Client. Restores are typically done with the target being the original media source, but Xigent can provide alternatives for additional source restores if desired. Xigent’s Backup as a Service with immutability provides an additional layer of protection above and beyond on-premise immutability by combining immutable backups with true air gapping. Because Xigent’s infrastructure is managed, maintained, and credentialed apart from your production environment, any exploits to your environment are unable to touch our immutable repositories.

Scalable Architecture

  1. Predictable cost- pay as your storage needs grow in quantities of 1 TB
  2. Zero upfront costs for equipment
  3. Opex Cost Model
  4. Supports multi-site environments


  1. Single-use password during onboarding
  2. Secure – the environment is compliant with strict industry Standards
  3. Air-gap compliant
  4. Immutable storage
  5. Encryption both at-rest and in-flight

Flexible Storage Options

  1. Hot tier for high-performance backups
  2. Cool tier for general-purpose backups
  3. Capacity tier for long-term backups
  4. IT infrastructure is continuously updated to provide a long-term backup solution

Fully Managed with Self Service Options

  1. 24×7 monitoring of repository availability
  2. Monthly reporting of usage
  3. Provides an efficient integrated backup copy solution

Simple and Managed Restore

  1. Leverage tools you already know
  2. File-level recovery

Xigent will work with Clients to understand their data protection and retention needs and configure the service parameters to support their unique business, financial, and technological requirements. To fit these requirements, clients can dictate the frequency of backups, retention policy, encryption methods, and data locations. Backup data can be stored locally at the client site. They can also be replicated to a second Xigent hardened data center, hyper-scaler, or Cloud Object Storage location to provide physical redundancy. This ensures you have a quality copy of your data following any data loss event events, including malicious or accidental deletions, file corruption, and, most importantly, cybercrime. BaaS is highly flexible and can protect data on both virtual and physical servers.

Features of Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Extensive retention time options
Support for SaaS applications – Microsoft Office 365
No ingress or egress fees
Dashboard and reporting- Single screen reporting and configuration management
Supports a large variety of virtual and physical platforms
Combination of on-site hardware-based local backup with geographically distributed off-site storage for long-term archival

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With fully managed data backup services, your IT staff can shift away from day-to-day IT tasks and refocus on higher strategic priorities that drive revenue.



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