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IT Security Consulting

Combat cyber threats, locate vulnerabilities, and shield your business from ransomware attacks with information security services, including vCISO, IT Security Consulting Services, and Security Risk Assessments.

Enterprise-Level Security Solutions to Protect Your Critical Data

Xigent’s certified information security consultants help safeguard your digital landscape with cybersecurity solutions that best fit your organization. Whether it is our SecurPath information security leadership and management service (vCISO), IT Security Consulting Services, or Security Risk Assessments, our IT security professionals implement security solutions to detect threats and safeguard your operations. Learn more about Xigent’s information security services below or reach out to an IT security professional for a consultation.

Our Security Solutions

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Security Leadership & Management Service

Access to a certified vCISO & a team of information security experts to lead your security journey

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Security Risk Assessments

Evaluate your current information security status & identify areas for improvement

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IT Security Consulting Services

Protect your company from the latest cybersecurity threats with Xigent’s security consulting services


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