Full-Stack Observability Infrastructure

Workstations. Servers. Switches. Routers. Storage Arrays. And now, personal devices… lots and lots of personal devices. All producing metrics, events, logs, and transaction records that need to be monitored, traced, analyzed, and utilized to improve user experience and drive profitability. Is it possible to manage the flood of data your infrastructure produces and harness it to increase performance, stability, productivity and lead to profitable business outcomes? It is, and Xigent’s experts can help!

Infrastructure enterprise IT monitoring strategy can help optimize performance by providing better access to your metrics, events and logs helping you to understand the impact on business outcomes.

  1. Move from reactive troubleshooting to proactive, and even predictive, infrastructure monitoring with an infrastructure enterprise IT monitoring strategy
  2. Automate your environment to self-remediate issues when appropriate, and notify you when eyes-on analysis becomes necessary
  3. Create dashboards and reports that can help your infrastructure team prove to the business that they aren’t just a “cost center” but are, in fact, a “value generator”
  4. Drive down costs by getting a clear picture of the health of your infrastructure, and learn how to identify trends that signify when a refresh may be necessary

Infrastructure Business Use Case:

It’s 3 am. You’re sleeping, but the business never sleeps, and little do you know that 3 of your database servers are filling up with log files due to a bad query that got dropped into production five minutes before the close of business today. 70%… 85%… 90% of the hard drive is full, and no one is there to witness what will happen when those drives reach capacity. Is your dream about to turn into a nightmare? Not if your organization is committed to Full-Stack Observability. Why? Because you’re monitoring those servers, and the system is configured to start offloading those log files to another location when it sees those drives fill up.

Full-Stack Observability is also configured to send you an email and then a text message if it has to offload a certain amount of data within a certain timeframe since that would indicate a serious issue that needs human intervention. So sleep easy, friend…there will be no on-call intervention tonight. Tomorrow, you’ll be well-rested and prepared to do the troubleshooting required to make sure this problem doesn’t happen again in the future.

Achieve Full Visibility Across Your Entire IT Stack

Many Organizations are not aware of how to take the first steps toward Full-Stack Observability. Xigent will guide you to determine the right technology solutions to increase business outcomes and cost efficiencies with Full-Stack Observability.

Contact us today to discover how to take the first steps on your path to Full-Stack Observability.

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