Full-Stack Observability Expertise

Xigent Full-Stack Observability coupled with security solutions like App Dynamics equip businesses with the ability to identify, manage and alleviate vulnerabilities.


Meet Our Full-Stack Observability Experts

Many organizations struggle with how to take the first steps toward Full-Stack Observability. Xigent is committed to understanding where you are in your journey. Our experts will guide you to determine the right technology, people, and process to increase business outcomes and profitability in your organization.

At Xigent, we understand org change is difficult and complex. We help boost your FSO strategy adoption by focusing on your people’s education, process implementation, and technology development that will increase margins and improve business outcomes.  Xigent experts understand the methodologies of Full-Stack Observability, APIs and the newly projected adoption of Open Telemetry, and everything in between. We continue to be at the forefront as observability evolves to the elusive goal of predictive monitoring.

Our vast experience spans decades- for as long as observability has existed. Many organizations are stuck in reactive mode, and the need to educate people and optimize tools is paramount in increasing valuable visibility.  We are prepared to help with your traditional monitoring landscape or wherever you are on the journey within your budget and team resources in a vendor-agnostic environment with small steps from point A to B to C and beyond. We will perform a deep-dive analysis with you and your teams to determine where you are in your journey and what tools will help you take the next step. We will help educate your teams to become self-sufficient and collaborative in optimizing Full-Stack Observability.

Contact us today to discover the first steps on your path to Full Stack Observability. We will be with you to offer our support and expertise at every step.  Xigent is here to help!


Our Experts:

Edward Ferron has decades of cloud consulting services experience: developing, deploying, and maintaining cloud environments, Edward Ferron has a successful track record with the development and deployment of Application Services. In 2017, Ferron founded JMFerron Technologies, specializing in Application Performance Management (APM) deployment and operations to help clients drive value from their APM investments. In 2021, JMFerron Technologies was acquired by Xigent to bring Ferron’s expertise of APM tools and development to help Xigent clients drive value from their own APM investments.

Justin Riggs has almost 15 years of experience helping organizations learn how to harness their data to drive profitable business outcomes. He has worked as a .NET developer, System Administrator, System Engineer, Business Analyst, and Sales Engineer in government, non-profit, and for-profit environments. Justin is passionate about the philosophy that good data governance leads to good decision making, and good decision making leads to healthy, profitable companies. His favorite thing to do is help clients see the value of adopting data-driven practices that empower individuals and organizations to become proficient in their pursuit of saving resources and increasing profits.

Our Trusted FSO Partners

Through partnerships with industry hardware and software leaders such as Cisco AppDynamics, New Relic, Big Panda, LogicMonitor, SecureApp, and others, Xigent is equipped to match client needs with the right Full-Stack Observability (FSO) security capabilities. Further, platform solutions such as Cisco’s App Dynamics, provide leading-edge security capabilities; as a result, businesses can rely on Xigent to leverage FSO to achieve their desired results and focus on innovation.

Achieve Full Visibility Across Your Entire IT Stack

Many Organizations are not aware of how to take the first steps toward Full-Stack Observability. Xigent will guide you to determine the right technology solutions to increase business outcomes and cost efficiencies with Full-Stack Observability.

Contact us today to discover how to take the first steps on your path to Full-Stack Observability.

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