IT Inventory Tracking Best Practices

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Are you maximizing the potential of your IT assets? After all, you’ve invested heavily in them. IT inventory tracking is essential to making the most of your assets, but let’s face it — it’s probably not at the top of your list of things to do. Let’s take a look at why IT inventory tracking matters, best practices for inventory tracking and how Cisco Smart Net can simplify the process.


The Benefits of IT Inventory Tracking

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IT inventory tracking makes the most of your IT assets. It allows your system admins to see at-a-glance:

Which assets are being used. Do you have IT assets that have been taken out of service? Are you still maintaining coverage on those assets? Just knowing which assets are being used (and which ones aren’t) can save a significant amount of money.

Where assets are in their life cycle. Knowing which assets are going to need to be replaced allows you to create an accurate IT budget.

Whether software is up to date. Outdated software leaves security gaps. An accurate inventory allows system admins to know what software needs to be updated (and when).


Today’s organizations can’t afford to let their IT inventory tracking get out-of-date. An updated inventory saves money and hardens security.


IT Inventory Tracking Best Practices

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To make the most of your IT inventory, consider taking the following steps:

Conduct an inventory audit
. Start with a thorough review of all your IT assets. Note or update all relevant information about the asset, including:

    • The purchase date of the asset.
    • Whether the asset is under a service contract.
    • The current software associated with the asset.

Conduct regular inventory updates. Once you’ve audited your IT assets, decide on a schedule for updating and maintaining your inventory. Assign someone responsibility for keeping the inventory list up to date.


Maintaining and tracking IT inventory is a time-consuming, tedious task. Cisco Smart Net simplifies 

this process.


Cisco Smart Net

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Cisco Smart Net automates the IT inventory process. It provides complete visibility for all of your Cisco assets, even if they’ve been purchased through different vendors. It offers flexible reporting so you can:

  • Easily identify which Cisco assets are reaching the end of their lifecycle or the end of their support.
  • See what’s been removed or added to your network.
  • Verify that your Cisco assets are running updated software.

Cisco Smart Net still requires a hands-on approach, though. Its alerts need to be monitored and addressed. An expert provider like Xigent helps organizations take full advantage of Cisco Smart
Net’s capabilities.


Xigent + Cisco Smart Net

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At Xigent, we focus on results-driven IT. We know you have business priorities. We work with you to take the reigns of your Cisco devices so you can focus on your business. Combining Xigent’s services with your Cisco Smart Net option improves asset management, compliance, budgeting and security.


Ready to learn more about maximizing efficiency through Xigent and Cisco Smart Net?

Contact us today, or download our Cisco Smart Net Guide to learn how to best optimize your IT assets.