Improve Contract Management with Cisco Smart Net Total Care through Xigent.

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In recent years, we’ve come to find that far too many organizations have squandered excessive amounts of time and IT talent in an effort to track, resolve and replace critical technology hardware and software used by their organization. Furthermore, sub-par lifecycle management practices, not enough dedicated IT staff and other factors contribute to creating a cluttered mess when trying to reconcile your technology-related inventory.


Attempting to accurately forecast IT spend months or years in advance can become extremely complex and burdensome not only for IT, but can trickle into accounting and finance departments as well.

Cisco’s Smart Net Total Care service provides customers with an all-encompassing contract and inventory management platform, complete with machine and device diagnostics, technical support and important notifications and alerts. This forward-thinking maintenance platform assists its customers in simplifying their risk management practices and resolving a variety of issues, helping them gain a clearer picture of their current and future IT budget (something every executive or business leader should be concerned with).


Protecting your network is like protecting an investment. Just as we track our cars’ mileage to make sure we perform routine maintenance when needed, we should also monitor our IT assets to ensure they’re optimized to protect the network. You need to know the status of your assets, the level of service each asset has and which assets will need to be upgraded or replaced.


With all that you have riding on your network’s functionality and uptime – customers, employees, stakeholders and others – support is often just as important as the device itself. Cisco Smart Net Total Care helps its customers with the support they need from the time of purchase of the product through technology updates and beyond.


With Smart Net Total Care, customers receive highly secure, ongoing visibility into their Cisco install base, including to-date understanding of what is covered and not covered, and what is nearing the end of its support term. Armed with this information, Cisco customers are able to make highly informed decisions pertaining to business continuity and risk. They can also note redundancies and unneeded equipment or licenses to cut IT costs immediately.


When required, technical support is provided in swift order, and issues are remediated with the world-class technical services Cisco is known for. Smart Net Total Care users can benefit from a consolidated view of their equipment in order to more effectively manage and track their inventory.


Xigent is a long-time Cisco partner. Our managed services are designed to bring a new level of efficiency to IT. Combining Xigent’s expertise with Cisco Smart Net Total Care allows Xigent to manage all of your Cisco assets, including those purchased through other vendors. The benefits of combining Xigent with Smart Net Total Care include:

  • Total asset management. Xigent uses Cisco Smart Net’s insights to know the status of every asset. Customers have the peace of mind that comes with knowing critical assets are covered and out-of-service assets are not.
  • Compliance. Compliance is a top-of-mind concern for every firm. Financial and healthcare organizations have particularly high compliance standards. To meet them, you need to know
    where your equipment is, whether it’s running and when it’s up for renewal. Xigent can use Cisco Smart Net to ensure you know the status of every asset.
  • Fiduciary responsibility. Knowing the status of each asset allows you to manage your assets responsibly. There’s no unnecessary duplication and no critical assets in danger of hitting the end of their life cycle without having a replacement lined up.
  • Accurate budgeting. Xigent can use Cisco Smart Net to help you line up all your contracts so they expire at the same time. It’s simpler to forecast IT expenses and plan for upgrades.
  • Coverage. You know that each asset has the right coverage, and there’s no wasted money spent on coverage for assets that are out of service.
  • Security. Patches are essential for security, but managing patches across all your assets takes
    time. Xigent can use Cisco Smart Net to ensure each asset is up to date.

The exceptional combination of Xigent’s team of experts and Cisco Smart Net Total Care deliver unparalleled value and opportunity to manage a customer’s complete technology lifecycle. Eliminate the arduous tasks associated with unraveling a cluttered web of inventory, licensing and contract renewal issues. To learn more about Cisco Smart Net, download our guide.


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