AI-Generated Disinformation – A New AI Threat for Organizations

By Michael Kedik, Xigent VP Offering Management

Cyberattack costs skyrocketing hacker

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) has officially crossed into cyberattack territory. AI-Generated disinformation has begun to extend its reach into the online personas of real individuals.

The implications of spreading disinformation for individuals and businesses are detrimental. The costs of cybercrime can easily end a business. Crippling effects on day-to-day business, cause significant monetary losses and negative impacts on the reputation of your organization are all highly probable effects. With the addition of AI to the toolbox of threat actors, all businesses should not waste time initiating proactive security measures.

In a recent article from KnowBe4 – Is AI-Generated Disinformation on Steroids About To Become a Real Threat for Organizations?, these disinformation updates in security breach tactics are highlighted. KnowBe4 advises that “At an organizational level, we must also be prepared for disinformation attacks on steroids, generated by AI. To develop resilience for these kinds of attacks, organizations must work across departments and functions.”

The rise of AI-generated disinformation as a cyberattack tool presents a serious threat to individuals and businesses, with potential consequences such as reputational harm and financial losses. Being aware of this new advancement is an important step to limit the adverse effects. It is essential to regularly monitor your individual likeness and the likeness of your business online. By doing so, you can identify and address instances of AI-generated disinformation more effectively, thereby reducing the potential impact on your reputation and financial well-being.

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