A Brief Update on COVID-19

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At Xigent we want to be careful and attentive to the health of our team, families, customers, partners and communities. While we have transitioned to a full work from home policy, we remain focused on our customers’ day-to-day needs plus any of the additional issues COVID-19 may cause.


We are thankful Xigent is well-positioned for times like these. We are fully equipped in our policies and technology to allow for secure, remote-enabled work access across our entire company. Standard email, phone, and service desk access remain the same.


As you navigate the technical requirements to support secure, remote access across your own organization, know that our team of experts is available and ready to help you through these trying times. If you need some assistance or want advice from our Chief Technology Officer, Rod Lucero, or our Chief Information Security Officer, Amos Aesoph, please fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch quickly.