Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Get back up and running in a matter of minutes with a fully-managed, flexible, tested, and reliable cloud-based disaster recovery service tailored to meet your business’ RPO and RTO requirements

Start your detailed disaster recovery plan today

No matter how quickly you need to recover your critical data and systems, creating a personalized data recovery strategy is the key to make sure you’re not over or underpaying for protection. DRaaS includes an assessment of your datasets and critical systems so you leave with a detailed and cost-effective plan that gives you business continuity—even during disaster.

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Get what you pay for – and prove it with testing

You may be putting important IT budget dollars into disaster recovery, yet only one third of companies regularly test it. Remarkably, of the one third that do test their recovery plans, 65% don’t pass their own readiness test. That means only 11% are getting what they paid for. Want to know you’re prepared for the unexpected? Don’t take our word for it, we’ll show you with two successful recovery tests per year.

DRaaS Definitions and Disaster Recovery Terminology

Downtime costs you more than ever

The cost of downtime due to ransomware is up 300% year over year. According to top security experts, the average ransom demand is now $850,000. It’s even getting harder to get insurance against these risks. Attackers know that your data is worth whatever you are willing to pay for it. Xigent IT consultants understand there is a cost to your business for every minute you’re down, so they’ll recover the data that keeps your operations running.


6 Mistakes that Can Sink Your Disaster Recovery Plan

By Chris Voigt, Xigent Solutions Architect

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