Xigent Augments FSO Capabilities with Addition of Two Key Industry Experts

Xigent welcomes two new FSO Consultants

Xigent Augments Full-Stack Observability Capabilities with Addition of Two Key Industry Experts

Minneapolis, MN & Sioux Falls, SD (September 11, 2023) — Xigent, a Minnesota and South Dakota-based IT consulting firm, is excited to announce the addition of Full-Stack Observability (FSO) & Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Consultants Dan Brzoska and Aaron Jacobs to Xigent’s team of FSO Experts.

FSO Consultants Brzoska and Jacobs joined Xigent to help clients gain insight into network performance internally and across cloud service providers while adding to the depth of Xigent’s APM expertise. A key area of focus for both will be driving client adoption and enablement of FSO. By delivering end-to-end application performance visibility, diagnosing problems, and recommending resolutions collaboratively, Xigent clients will gain value in their FSO investment as a single source of truth that guides important business decisions.

Dan Brzoska Key Facts:
  1. With 20+ years of FSO/APM expertise, Dan has led FSO capabilities for many Fortune 500 companies within Telco, Banking/Financial Services, Energy, Hotel and Logistics industries.
  2. Brzoska’s experience ranges from providing insights for application performance from oil rigs in the North Atlantic which resulted in significant cost avoidance and restoration of real time services, to working with a global shipping and logistics company to uncover errors and performance issues in the customer shipping portal increasing customer satisfaction and preventing churn to competitors, thus demonstrating the knowledge he will apply towards current and future Xigent clients.
  3. As a result of his love of problem solving, especially solving problems that have material impact on business, Dan will have an immediate impact on Xigent’s FSO capabilities. Brzoska elaborates “I truly enjoy presenting complex data with intuitive visuals that make it easy to understand. I believe it’s key to understand with empirical data (instrument everything) so you can make better decisions.”

Dan Brzoska
FSO Consultant

Aaron Jacobs Key Facts:
  1. Aaron has managed FSO/APM for commercial and enterprise-level Telecom, Finance, Retail, Hotel, Consumer Electronics industry leaders for 10+ years.
  2. Having experience leading the deployment, implementation, and adoption of AppDynamics and similar solutions for large financial institution(s) to drive the instrumentation of a very large trading platform responsible for millions of dollars of daily trades, exhibits Jacobs’ capabilities pertaining to FSO & APM Managed Services.

Jacobs shares that his passion for FSO stems from “the belief that comprehensive observability is the cornerstone of modern software development and operations. It is not just a tool or a practice; it is a mindset that drives excellence in the digital world. My philosophy revolves around fostering collaboration, leveraging data-driven insights, staying adaptable, and always putting the customer first. I believe that observability, when approached with the right mindset and principles, can unlock new levels of performance, resilience, and innovation for any organization.”

Aaron Jacobs
FSO Consultant

Mark Hoober, Director-Service Delivery articulates the benefit of augmenting Xigent’s already strong team of FSO experts: “I am genuinely excited to have both Dan and Aaron join Xigent at a time of growth and focus on our Full-Stack Observability and Application Performance Monitoring practices. With a goal of enabling cross-team FSO adoption for our clients, the addition of hands-on consultants who have assisted global and enterprise clients with implementations to drive business value will undoubtedly be instrumental in our continued success.” Having a combined 30+ years of experience working with FSO/APM clients, Brzoska & Jacobs are well-equipped to apply their collective knowledge to both existing and future Xigent clients, positioning Xigent as powerhouse in the FSO Managed Service space.

About Xigent:

Xigent is an IT consulting partner for mid-market and enterprise level organizations who are embarking on an IT improvement journey to achieve business goals via a Result Driven IT approach. Founded in 2009, Xigent specializing in managed services, consulting services, and technology solutions for clients across the Midwest, with employees based out of Minneapolis, MN and Sioux Falls, SD.

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