Full-Stack Observability: Manufacturing and Healthcare Webinars

Join us for our live webinars focusing on the potential of FSO in Manufacturing and Healthcare

FSO Live Webinars

In the ever-evolving sectors of healthcare and manufacturing, seamless integration and optimal performance of software systems are essential for maintaining optimal efficiency and improving end-user experience. Cisco AppDynamics and Xigent are teaming up to host two unique webinars tailored to these industries, highlighting the transformative potential of Full-Stack Observability (FSO).

Exploring Full-Stack Observability’s Potential in Manufacturing – Thursday, October 3rd from 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM (CST)

Xigent is hosting a webinar focusing on the importance of Full-Stack Observability in the manufacturing industry, where even a few minutes of critical system downtime can cause significant financial loss that has the potential to be irreversible.

Key topics include:

  1. Introduction to Full-Stack Observability and its significance in manufacturing
  2. Challenges and opportunities in system integrations
  3. Understanding the cost of downtime in a manufacturing environment
  4. Leveraging observability tools for monitoring and optimizing production processes
  5. Enhancing supply chain visibility and efficiency
  6. Real-world case studies of successful MES and ERP integrations with observability

Attendees will learn how Full-Stack Observability enables real-time insights into production processes, improving supply chain management and operational efficiency.

This session is designed for manufacturing professionals, IT leaders, and operations managers who are tasked with streamlining operations and enhancing productivity through digital innovations.


Exploring Full-Stack Observability’s Potential in Healthcare – Thursday, October 3rd from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM (CST)

The healthcare industry faces unique challenges, where the downtime of critical systems can diminish clinician productivity and negatively affect patient care. The upcoming webinar on Full-Stack Observability integration will address these issues comprehensively.

Key topics include:

  1. Introduction to Full-Stack Observability
  2. Challenges and opportunities in healthcare IT
  3. Breaking Down Silos: Strategies for enhancing collaboration and efficiency within healthcare IT delivery
  4. Elevating Digital Experiences: Observability across all applications and facets of infrastructure to enhance digital experiences for patients and clinicians
  5. Understanding Application Interdependencies: Exploring complex applications, middleware, and third-party integrations such as patient archiving systems to identify the root cause of performance issues
  6. Understanding the cost of downtime in healthcare ecosystems
  7. Impact observability has on patient experience and care quality
  8. Full-Stack Observability maturity journey

This webinar is an invaluable resource for healthcare professionals and IT leaders aiming to optimize digital experiences and improve patient care quality through advanced technological solutions.


Why Attend These Webinars?

Both webinars offer attendees a chance to explore real-world case studies and success stories about Full-Stack Observability, providing a practical understanding of how FSO can redefine monitoring in their respective fields. The webinars will be led by industry experts Keith Llorens and Ed Ferron, who bring knowledge and experience in implementing Full-Stack Observability solutions across various sectors.

Registration is open for both webinars. Participants can interact directly with the speakers and ask questions about their challenges.