Cloud Predictions for 2021

By Rod Lucero, Xigent CTO

2021 Cloud Predictions@150x

What do you need to know?

The demand for cloud computing has been steadily growing. About three-quarters of all companies used some sort of cloud-based application or storage service prior to 2020. COVID-19 escalated that growth and there’s no going back. What’s on the horizon for the coming year in cloud management?

  • Cloud growth isn’t over. According to Forrester, the global public cloud infrastructure market will grow by 35% this year. The sudden shift to remote work has accelerated adoption of cloud apps, tools and services. Companies will continue to take advantage of the changes that they had to make in 2020.
  • Cloud native apps will become the new normal. Organizations are realizing a lift and shift adoption model may not be enough to take full advantage of the cloud. The number of applications purpose-built for the cloud will continue to increase in 2021.
  • Hybrid cloud is here to stay. In the 2021 State of the Cloud report, 78% of organizations said they used a hybrid approach, using both public and private cloud. The hybrid cloud offers scalability, flexibility and often cost savings. In fact, large hyperscaler cloud vendors are increasingly offering private cloud solutions within public environments.
  • Security guardrails are still needed. This year’s Cloud Threat Report found that cloud security incidents rose by 188% in the second quarter of 2020. Businesses need to have a plan to train staff to avoid security breaches and institute consistent protections throughout their systems and infrastructure.
  • IT staff are overburdened. About 55% of chief information officers said they plan to increase their full-time IT staff this year, according to a Garter research study. As companies pivot to the cloud, their tech teams must have the skills to support remote work, cloud and analytics platforms and automation.
  • Cloud costs will continue to plague IT staff. The IDG 2020 cloud computing study finds controlling the cost of cloud is the #1 public cloud challenge. Even for hybrid and private cloud, the cost of adding knowledgeable staff is consuming the IT budget.
  • Strategy remains more important than ever. In today’s rapidly evolving environment, aligning your IT needs (including cloud) with your business objectives is key. Successful businesses regularly review their technology use and make sure that they’re using their cloud infrastructure in an efficient and cost-effective way.

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Innovative organizations today require a solid foundation within the cloud. IT pros are now looking for newer and smarter ways to tap more potential out of their IT infrastructure and budget, not to mention supporting thousands of applications, business stakeholders and end-users.


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