Security Impact of Disaster Recovery as a Service 

It was common for businesses to address security after being attacked. Now, it seems like emails, links, and files are sent to our emails daily that are constantly phishing for our information. Disaster Recovery as a Service alleviates the worry regarding data recovery in case of an attack.

Security and regulatory concerns are continuing to escalate as our society and digital economy become more reliant on technology. As we become more connected, and systems, applications, and data are accessible from anywhere, the threat of disaster due to cybercrime heightens accordingly.

Vulnerabilities lie in all forms of digital communications, including (but not limited to) email, text, instant messaging, and social media platforms. Phishing schemes continuously bombard us with offers, invitations, and requests for information, all of which demand our attention. It is not surprising that cybercrime threatening to jeopardize our data is on the rise. Attackers are becoming more clever as they invent new scams that exploit technological weaknesses caused by both system error and by human error. Malicious cyber incidents are not only a data risk, but they can also cause system downtime and security risks. Disaster recovery must be a component of every business plan.

System downtime and security risks that could be caused by malicious cyber incidents are not only a data risk, but also a brand and business reputation risk. The length of time it takes to build a positive and trusted brand is lengthy, conversely, the speed at which a brand can fall from ‘hero to zero’ is extremely short. Don’t let your data, brand, or business fall victim to security risks by not implementing a disaster recovery strategy!

With security now firmly on the boardroom agenda, advanced cyber protection with assured business continuity, and no single point of failure is ‘mission-critical’, the question is simple – how much do you value your data?

Disaster Recovery as a Service can help get your data back up and running quickly to avoid the loss of valuable data, your business reputation and ultimately, your business.

Know Your Data is Protected. All the Time.

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