Disaster Recovery Plan + DRaaS

The Disaster Recovery Team at Xigent has seen many unfortunate events occur over the years. Yet, the outcome depends on how the company prepared for the disaster. Most times, companies overlook these situations and fail to implement a plan. Below is how the Disaster Recovery Team at Xigent provides care for the business and specific situation.

DRaaS provides your organization with complete control of your disaster recovery plan. Aggressive RTO and RPOs provide orchestrated recovery and access to data during and after failover events such as data loss, ransomware, and human error.

Xigent experts will collaborate with you on RTOs (Recovery Time Objective) and RPOs (Recovery Point Objective) to meet your business requirements and align your resilience posture with regulatory and compliance requirements that meet your unique IT needs.

Two Keys to Successful Disaster Recovery

1) Identify the Value of Business Data

DRaaS RPO and RTO Graphic

2) Fully Document Your DR Plan and Test it Regularly

Sounds easy, right? A survey shows that only 1/3 of businesses regularly test their plan and 63% fail that test.

An Organizations’ Disaster Recovery Plan Should be:

  1. Predictable – predictable cost through pre-defined DR offering- no upfront capital required
  2. Flexible – customizable add-on options answer any IT or business requirement
  3. Security Focused – cyber-crime and security vulnerabilities continue to be a persistent and critical challenge
  4. Compliant – Individually defined regulatory frameworks to be addressed
  5. Scalable – scale on demand

There are countless providers with differing levels of experience that offer Disaster Recovery. At Xigent, our competitive differentiator for our fully managed services is our people and the wealth of Industry knowledge that they bring to the table.

Make the Most of Your DRaaS Investment

With Xigent’s fully managed services as our experts provide:

  1. Guidance on protecting your operations against the impact of disaster events, hardware failure, human error, cyber-attacks, or even planned outages
  2. Assessment and assistance to help you determine a cost-effective solution that provides peace of mind that your IT infrastructure is always accessible!
  3. A coordinated automated approach to achieve end-to-end DR solutions

What are You Currently Protected Against?

The impacts of downtime and data loss can be catastrophic. Organizations are at elevated risk for cyber-security attacks, natural disasters, power outages and hardware/software issues. It is critical that you always have access to your data and IT environment (24/7). Xigent’s DRaaS will formulate a business continuity strategy that will provide enhanced security for your business-critical IT environment.

What would happen to your business and business data in these scenarios?

DRaaS Temporary Loss of Service Icon

Temporary Loss of Service

DRaaS Temporary Loss of Site Icon

Temporary Loss of Site

DRaaS Permanent Loss of Service Icon

Permanent Loss of Site

DRaaS Destruction of Data Icon

Destruction of Data

DRaaS Loss of 3rd Party App Data Icon

Loss of 3rd Party App Data

Xigent focuses on delivering top-notch DRaaS so that you can focus on your business. Our fully managed DRaaS offering provides a flexible and reliable cloud-based solution tailored to meet your business RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective) requirements, so you can get back up and running within the associated RTO/RPO timeframe, and on budget.

  1. Fully Managed Configuration & Administration
  2. 24/7 Trained & Experienced Resources
  3. Bi-annual Recovery Testing, No-impact Testing Included
  4. Known Fixed Monthly Cost
  5. Proven Processes & Runbook- Continuously updated step-by-step process documentation

Questions to Consider to Determine RTO:

  1. What risks do you face if your core applications are unavailable for an hour, 4 hours, a day?
  2. Have you calculated how much data you can afford to lose?
  3. What data safeguards are in place today? Are your backups immutable and air gapped?
  4. Who are the key stakeholders and decision makers who need to be involved in these decisions?
  5. Do you have a backup / recovery plan to meet all business objectives? Compliance objectives?
  6. What types of disasters are you planning for?
  7. What was the scope of your last recovery test process? Is it documented? Was it successful?
  8. Have you ever completed a full recovery test?

Know Your Data is Protected. All the Time.

Contact us today to discover how to fully protect your sensitive data with Disaster Recovery as a Service.



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