Get expert help monitoring and improving application performance

In today’s digital age, it’s all about improving the customer experience—and that means high-performing business applications. Whether you need help troubleshooting or require one-time professional services and management assistance, we have the expertise to make sure your applications run smoothly.

Add business value through exceptional levels of service

With application performance management, proving the business value of IT has never been easier. We’ll help you detect and diagnose complex application performance problems to keep your business running smoothly—from business transactions, to analytics and reporting, and the end-user experience.

Moving applications to the cloud?

The number of applications purpose-built for the cloud is growing each day, but the switch to public cloud can mean a loss of control and potential performance issues. With Xigent’s application performance management service, we help identify and correct performance issues, regardless of whether the source is in cloud Infrastructure or your own environment.

Managed Infrastructure (IaaS)

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