Managed Infrastructure [IaaS]

Gone are the days of worrying about aging infrastructure, large capital expenditures, and hiring and retaining top IT staff to perform core IT operation activities. With a fully-managed, hosted infrastructure service that can lower your cost of ownership while making your IT more agile and responsive, you can leave your old data center woes to the pros.

Get predictable costs and more flexibility

You’re moving more applications to the cloud, yet you still need a secure, compliant environment that delivers consistent performance. IaaS allows you to add or reduce resources when you need them, either in your data center, the public cloud, or ours. Xigent’s IaaS capability offers a high-performance, virtual environment with all the capacity, data storage, network bandwidth, and flexibility you need.

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Pay less for the resources you need, when you need it

As technology rapidly evolves, your business is demanding more from IT. Recruiting staff is a challenge, with nearly 50% of CIOs reporting plans to add more employees this year. Rather than adding additional full-time staff, take advantage of Xigent’s certified technical resources on a part-time basis.