Managed Network Services your business can rely on

Focus on your strategic IT initiatives with the confidence that your network infrastructure is properly managed and monitored

Your business relies on your network

Poor network performance can disrupt your operations, costing your business money. Networks are complex and require constant attention: monitoring and managing routers, switches, load balancers, and firewalls to prevent a small problem from causing failure. What you do today to detect problems and future faults determines tomorrow’s network efficiency.

Use your IT resources more wisely

43% of CIOs believe their IT departments are understaffed for handling their current workloads, and demand is rising every day. Your tech team could easily spend all its time solving problems, dealing with false alarms, and maintaining network components. Xigent can take these essential—but time consuming—duties off your team’s plate so they can work on higher priority activities.

Worry-free, expert network management

Let Xigent’s experienced team handle the day-to-day network operations and maintenance, analysis, troubleshooting, and security—all with an ongoing improvement focus. You’ll save time, get peace of mind, and have better outcomes for your business.