Manage business risk with a business continuity plan

As security and other business-impacting threats increase, creating and maintaining a comprehensive business continuity plan is more important than ever before. Not to mention, the cost of downtime to businesses has never been higher—and continues to rise year over year.

Is your business prepared for the unexpected?

In order to fully gauge the level of risk your organization carries, you must weigh the cost of interruption. Costs like missing or corrupt data, lost productivity, lost revenue, and damaged reputation are enough to close down 43% of businesses after experiencing a major disruption. Avoid this risk by developing a business continuity plan.

Don’t be fooled—a disaster recovery plan is not enough

Although many organizations see business continuity plans and disaster recovery plans as one in the same, they are quite different. A disaster recovery plan makes provisions for getting your resources back up and running after an outage, whereas a business continuity plan provisions for the unavailability of resources like people, the workplace, and IT.

See how our business continuity planning service works

Our business continuity experts walk you through a methodical planning process to ensure the whole organization knows what to do in any kind of crisis by:

• Performing a risk assessment and business impact analysis (BIA)
• Developing or modifying your organization’s business continuity plan
• Developing or modifying your organizations recovery plan
• Training, testing, revising, and updating the plan until it’s seamless

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