Virtual IT Leadership Services (vCIO)

Get the IT leadership resource you need, on a fractional basis, from an experienced IT veteran who can set your organization on the path to achieving your business goals

Align your IT plan with your business

47% of business leaders feel that their goals are unsupported by IT. If IT doesn’t play a role in your organization’s business strategy and planning, or if you don’t have a documented IT plan that’s been approved by executive management, a vCIO can get you back on track. Xigent’s vCIO consulting services addresses these issues so your IT staff can help drive competitive advantage.

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Qualified expertise at a part-time budget

You may have considered if you can afford a full-time CIO, but have you asked if you can afford not to have these IT leadership skills in the business? Xigent’s vCIO service provides these valuable skills to your organization on a fractional basis to meet your needs—and budget constraints.

Evolve into a proactive IT approach

More than 90% of IT resources and time are focused on react and maintain activities, leaving little or no time devoted to business improvement or transformation work. But effective IT teams don’t just need more time, they require skills, experience, leadership, improvement process, and methodology. Xigent brings these needed and missing components to the table with the vCIO offering that drives improved business outcomes.

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