Virtual CIO (vCIO)

Deliver more value and improved outcomes with a business-minded IT leader and support team for your organization

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Guarantee a Right-fit CIO for Your Organization with a Team Approach

Our Virtual CIO (vCIO) Service includes a part-time CIO resource who partners with business leadership and existing IT resources to manage the organization’s technology, develop a forward-looking IT plan and improve results with a focus on business and IT alignment. Plus, your Xigent vCIO is backed by a team of highly skilled resources in areas such as compute, cloud, storage, networking, security, applications, IT service and project management.

With a full team of support, your vCIO can confidently advise on projects like IT-related decision-making, mitigating security risk, establishing an IT vision and strategy that aligns with the business, developing a detailed plan to execute the IT vision and strategy, managing the IT plan within budget and much more.

Drive competitive advantage with our vCIO Service through key outcomes such as:

Greater IT Performance

Achieve greater IT value & performance at the lowest overall cost

Higher Productivity

Improve productivity for your workforce and/or customers

Improved Satisfaction

Give users & customers a better experience to increase satisfaction

Reduced Risk

Address risk areas like availability, security & compliance

Increased IT Maturity

Make strategic decisions, benefit from proven processes & use technology in a transformative manner

Looking to Take Your IT Performance to the Next Level?

As information becomes increasingly important, IT can no longer afford to operate solely as a functional area firefighting problems and maintaining technology and applications. IT must transition to become more strategic and drive competitive advantage. A proactive approach is a new necessity to reach business goals and outcomes—which means there has never been a worse time to have average or below average IT performance. Get in touch with an expert today!


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